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The Most Awesome Site Ever - Your New Homepage

I fancied a new homepage that featured the best of the net at any given time.

This site pulls in content, videos & cat gifs from a range of sites

Bat Blocker Plugin

A cross browser plugin to stop the dark knight rises spoilers from runing your fun.

Someone asked me to create an olympics blocker, so I did.

Find out which ladies have been getting all excited by 50 Shades of Grey.

Catch them in the mood and introduce yourself as 'Christian' on Twitter or Facebook..

This is a mashup of public facebook posts and tweets of women talking about reading 50 shades of grey.

"Half way between genius and creepy"


Scrape the web - save playlists and songs you come across while you browse so they are always easy to find and play.

Tomahklet currently supports over 35 sites (and growing).

Checkout the screencast of the bookmarklet in use.

Ubelly Kinect Helvetica Game

Ubelly commisioned me to make a Windows Kinect game for Future of Web Design London 2012.

The game tests designers on their typeface knowledge and they have to spot helvetica from arial.

The hack uses the Kinect for Windows on Windows 8 consumer preview. With the skeletal data being piped to IE10 via WebSockets. This shows off not only the kinect but also IE10's support for HTML5 features such as WebSockets

The crowd seemed to enjoy it

Professor Green - Instagram Tour pics

EMI approached We Make Awesome Sh to provide a custom skin of Search Instagram to enable Professor Green's fans to interact with your pictures on his site. His fans just need to share a tour photo on instagram using #professorgreen. These photos then are displayed on Professor Green's site.

Share My Playlists iOS app

I was commissioned by ShareMyPlaylists to create their new iOS app for both iPhone and iPad.

This is a phonegap app using a custom plugin to use libspotify to allow the user to play songs from spotify directly in the app itself.

May 4th Be With You - Search Instagram

We created a simple search instagram hack to celebrate May 4th, Star Wars Day.

This Was My Jam

A service tracking your 'this is my jam' jams. With a beat matched looping stop frame animation of me eating what was my jam. 'Hilarious'. Uses to play the tracks.

A klout style ranking on your musical tastes Embeddable Player

A simple embeddable music player, to embed any song to any website, using a range of sources for the songs.

Zeebox Trending

A simple service to show what people are currently watching on tv (powered by zeebox)

VOD Do You Vant To Vatch

A simple service to show what people are currently watching on tv (powered by zeebox)

Rcmmndr 2.0 Beta

A film recommendation site. You enter a film, it recommends other films.

Catcha - The only Captcha you will ever need

Can you spot the cat among the pigeons. Stop bots from spamming your site... Ladies and gents, I introduce to you, Catcha - Music Without Borders

With some help from some of the guys at Tomahawk, I created, a music service for people to share music worldwide. Hooking into the desktop tomahawk client when available.

EMI approached me to build a website to release to the public an online video of a rehearsal to celebrate K25.

Within 40 minutes the campaign had been completed, and the site generated a lot of buzz including #1 trending on Twitter worldwide.

Arduino Tweet & Matrix Hack

At Barcamp Bournemouth, Adam Howard and I made an arduino hack that displayed tweets on an 8 by 8 LED matrix. It displayed tweets containing a specific hashtag is a custom typeface that I created, "Lawrence Sans". Once this was completed we then connected it up to a real time website. Where people could turn each LED on and off.

This made that people could draw on our LED board from their website all around the world. This got people from all over the place drawing, you guessed it, penises.

We won the hack competition :)

The typeface I created "Lawrence Sans" is available on github and some kind gentleman, Brandon Hawkes, created an actual downloadable font (ttf) of it. I definitely need to use this font on this site.

KFC Finder UK - iPhone app

True (WPP) approached me to build a KFC store locator app for iPhone & Android.

I have to admit, I do love my kentucky fried chicken...

Suggestify - Spotify app

I have created an app for Spotify called Suggestify.

Suggestify recommends songs based on the current song being played and creates a custom radio.

WorriedNow - iPhone app

I was commissioned to build a mobile app for nervous parents. This involved building a backend admin system with a full API and an iPhone app for consumers.

The iPhone app uses PhoneGap, iAds and in app payments.

ArtSpotter - iPhone app

I created the mobile app for ArtSpotter, an interactive art map.

Read about the app here:

Kinect Virtual Disco Deathmatch

At Music Hack Day London, Paul King & I created a browser based HTML5 canvas multiplayer kinect 'dance' game. Two players can play at the same time. They dance to score points.

HTML5 Canvas Geolocated Weather

Playing around with HTML5 canvas. Created a site that takes your current location and gathers weather information, then displays it in an animated HTML5 canvas.

Videojug responsive site

A mobile friendly, flash free, html5 compatible, responsively designed site. Buzzword bingo full house! *only when browser doesn't support flash

A facebook tab showing the latest photos shared on Instagram for the Australian Tourism board.

Awesome css buttons

Some super simple customisable buttons using only css.

What accounts are linked online?

Here I use various services online to pair up user accounts across multiple systems. Do you find it spooky?

Mario Theme using the Audio API

Playing around with the Audio API

Together with a few other people we looked into facial recognition technology in regards to the London riots. It would appear that it caused a stir amongst the media (within the first 24 hours)

Using's API and Facebook I was able to obtain a percentage accuracy for facial matches for friends of facebook users and cross reference them against the photos released by the police.

It didn't work accurately, it wasn't really meant to. It was more about looking into the possibilities of facial recognition and services such as

Diesel Black Gold

An instagram slideshow for the Diesel Black Gold fashion show.

QuickView for Google Plus

A Chrome extension to add quick view functionality to Google+

Search Instagram

A cool instagram viewer

Instant domain check

Instant whois for simple domain availability checker.

Instagram & Cannes Lions

Creative Social approached me to go into collaboration with them for a simple Instagram visualization for the World's Biggest Advertising Awards, Cannes Lions.

Vet Help Direct - iPhone app

An animal symptom checker for vet advice and clear guidelines.

View Full Screen - JavaScript

Using the new fullscreen api with javascript

The world's least exclusive website

A quick reminder about Twitter app authentication. Don't get me wrong. I love what the guys have done with the World's Most Exclusive Website. And to be totally honest, I am jealous that they got their first. But they didn't need to do an auto tweet...

Obama's message to America

You really need to see it.!

Safari Full Screen Bookmarklet

Safari 5.1 introduced a new full screen API. Use this bookmarklet to make any site go full screen

Royal Wedding Bunting

Everyone loves bunting! I created a bunting bookmarklet in commemoration of the Royal Wedding

Is it the Rapture?

A countdown app for the rapture 21/05/2011 - The End of The World!

Local Eyes - iPhone App

A mobile app enabling of sharing photos around you.

See and show what is going on around you.

Ask Alec - Location based Q&A Service

This is simply a prototype for an idea of people asking questions to other people around them.


Instagram + Cats = The very nexus of the internet.

Firefox Labyrinth game

Firefox 3.6 introduced an accelerometer to the web. I created a game to showcase this new feature.


A javascript cheatsheet for mobile web app development


A css cheatsheet for mobile web app development


A jQuery plugin to add a background video to any page.


A jQuery plugin to add various types of shadows to elements.

I set up a blog to showcase all the new javascript APIs available in the HTML5 specification.

Here are links to the demos:


Turn the text inside any element to generate a centaur


A jQuery plugin to replace click events with hover events. More a proof of concept.

The Orange Grove

A localised micro site for Marmalade on Toast. Taking your current location, it calculates the position of the sun / moon in the sky based on sunrise and sunset time and the current wind speed.

Can you find the Easter Egg?

Marmalade on Toast

From 2009 until the first half of 2011 I was lead developer at Marmalade on Toast a digital marketing agency in Winchester, UK.